Network Scanner and Lion Server SMB to FTP Workaround

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I have a Xerox 6180 MFP that stopped connecting to a Lion Server machine via SMB, but I was able to come up with a workaround using FTP.

Although Lion Server’s GUI doesn’t have a service switch for the FTP Server, it still exists and can be turned on via command line. If you want to turn on the FTP server via GUI, Fredrik Wiker’s awesome Lion Tweaks app does the trick.

This is the workflow:

Everyone at my office shares the Xerox 6180 scanner, so I created individual scan bins in the Xerox Directory for every user. A user would select their scan bin on the Xerox 6180 (Scan > Server > Scan to… Richard’s Scan Bin) and make their scan. The Xerox 6180 FTPs the file to a Mac Mini running Lion Server. The user goes back to their workstation, logs into the server via AFP, and grabs the file out of their private scan bin.

Setting up the workaround on OSX Lion Server:

I already had a “xerox” user in a group called “scangroup” via the This user is for the Xerox 6180.

In, I created an ftp access group called “”:

sudo dseditgroup -o create

Then I added my “scangroup” group to “”:

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a scangroup -t group

Next, I turned on the FTP Server:

sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

In the “xerox” user’s home folder, I created a directory called “Scans” and sharepoint subdirectories in it for each Shared User account (e.g. ~/Scans/Richard’s Scan Bin)

In, I gave each Shared User read/write permission to only their subdirectory (i.e. The shared user “Richard” has read/write permission for “Richard’s Scan Bin” folder)

In the Xerox Server Address Book Directory, I created entries for each user. i.e.:
Name: Richard’s Scans
Server Type: FTP
Server Address: [Your server’s address]
Port Number: 21
Login Name: xerox
Login PW: [your password]
Server Path: Scans/Richard’s Scans

You can also tweak my workaround if you aren’t using Lion Server.

Hope this helps!

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  1. dude… you’re amazing! after half a day of racking my brain trying to get the SMB from my xerox 6180mfp to scan to mountain lion to i decided to give your solution of scanning to FTP a try and IT WORKED!!!! sadly it took me 10 minutes to do… and i spent over 4 hours trying to get xerox to login using SMB :(

    thanks and i’ll be donating to Fredrik Wiker’s awesome Lion Tweaks app!



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