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5D3 Shutter Sounds
Canon 5D Mark III Shutter Sounds (Various Modes)
March 21, 2012,

Here’s a quick recording of the different shutter sounds from the new Canon 5D Mark III camera. [tube]http://www.y ...

5D3 In-camera RAW Processing
Quick Look at Canon 5D Mark III In-camera RAW Processing
March 21, 2012,

Here’s a quick look at the in-camera RAW post-processing in the new Canon 5D Mark III camera. [tube] ...

5D3 AF
Canon 5D Mark III LCD Overlay in Viewfinder
March 20, 2012,

Similiar to the 7D, the viewfinder in the 5D Mark III includes a translucent LCD panel that enables the camera to displa ...

Skype FreeTalk Home Phone Adapter with US power adapter
Skype FreeTalk Connect-Me Review
October 19, 2011,

The FreeTalk Connect -e is a home phone adapter for Skype that allows you to make Skype-to-Skype calls, Skype-to-phone c ...

Wiring the netbook
Touch screen on Acer Aspire One Netbook in XP and OSX (2008)
October 16, 2008,

This is a demo of a touch screen modification on an Acer Aspire One netbook back in October 2008. I installed my touchsc ...